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From solo coaches to group practices, and spanning industries from corporate coaching to career coaches, doulas, and relationship counselors, Walden is here to support your business.

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Trusted by over 100+ individuals and group practices.

For solo coaches.

No need to juggle multiple tools and logins—the Walden dashboard makes it easier than ever for you and your clients to schedule calls, chat, and get stuff done.

“I was using another platform before, and it was clunky as hell and I was miserable with it. I hired an OBM who looked into other systems, and we all decided that Walden was right for its simplicity and user interface. I really love using it.”

Leah B, PresentVoices

For group practices.

Automatically invoice clients, pay out coaches, and manage multiple schedules from within the Walden dashboard, leaving you more time to grow your business.

“There is so much that just works. I love the simplicity of the platform. It's modern, and easy to set up SaaS-like billing features... all of these things that are broken in the traditional coaching world. That's what I love. This is what brought us to the platform.”

Elliot M, Lovespace

For enterprise.

Custom tailoring and support for corporate clients, allowing you to juggle multiple organizations, track progress across clients, and improve outcomes.

“We love the way you approach design and usability. We were using another platform, but every time we log in we think about you. We’d much rather be using your software and working with your team. We’re excited to start using this with our enterprise clients.”

Julia M, Flourish

For clients.

With Walden, it's easy to find a coach or work with your existing coach to schedule your next session, chat, and leave feedback, all in one place. Never lose track of your development again.

“My coach has been amazing. She's unblocked me in a number of areas. Such a pleasure to work with her. Super inspiring, thoughtful, compassionate, insightful... I could go on.”

Mike P, Coaching Client
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